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Our Safe & Supportive QB Community

Have you ever wanted to post an online question or a comment but have been too intimidated to hit the “comment” or “reply” button? Maybe you were afraid no one else could relate to your question or concern. Maybe you thought you were the only one who hadn’t figured out the answer. Maybe you felt like your question was downright dumb.


Yeah, we can relate. You know what else? Just about everyone else can, too.


That’s why, in our QB Community, we are 100% committed to creating, maintaining and preserving a safe place for you to share fears, frustrations and high-fives.


We encourage complaining, commiserating and, of course, encouraging. We want you to feel comfortable and supported as you openly and honestly share the ups and downs of life as a small business owner. (Want to find out more about the mission and goals of our site? Hop on over to our Welcome post.)


Helping us achieve this goal is our moderator John Redding. Truth be told, we think of John as our QB Community dad. He keeps an eye on what people are sharing and makes sure everyone is getting what they need. If someone is a little out of line, John will step in (yep, just like a real dad). If you’re concerned about anything that’s posted on the site, please direct message John for help. (You can get the low-down on all our Rules of the Road in this important post.)


Of course, QB Community hosts Audrey, Meg, Mark and I are also here to make sure things are going swimmingly (meet our wonderful hosts right here). If you have any questions or concerns, just let one of us know. We’ll do our very best to solve any problem and keep our platform a place where everyone feels safe, welcome, appreciated and heard.


Not long ago, QB Community member Lloyd Mabuto let us know he thinks we’re succeeding in this important mission. Lloyd explained, “One thing that attracts me to this site is the way it’s okay to be vulnerable. The QB Community feels like a safe place to communicate honestly and build one-to-one relationships.”


Thanks, Lloyd. That makes us so proud.


Cheering for you!



Community Host

Re: Our Safe & Supportive Community

Thanks for the great post, @LeslieBarber Smiley Happy I'm so grateful to be part of this safe and supportive community and look forward to getting to know so many wonderful entrepreneurs! 

Established Member

Re: Our Safe & Supportive Community

This is a place that is exactly what I was looking for to learn and grow. Thank you.
Community Host

Re: Our Safe & Supportive Community

@SteveChase It makes me so happy to hear you say that! We're so glad you're here Smiley Happy

Community Leader

Re: Our Safe & Supportive Community

So good to hear @SteveChase. That's exactly what we hoped.