E-commerce and integrations

Apparently, I am diving into a whole new field of work. It is exciting and challenging at the same time. Where can I find support when it comes to understanding how POS and/or E-commerce systems integrate with QB or QBO? 


Currently, I am working with Revel (which causes some problems), looking into setting up Shopify POS (and did not choose the QB version yet), and Vagara/QBO which is causing a lot of problems.


Any hints?

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Re: E-commerce and integrations

Hello Leah (@LeahIlanah)


I've ever used Revel personally, but there are several e-commerce integrations that work seamlessly with QuickBooks Online (QuickBooks Desktop options are more limited).


I hate to send you link hunting, but there are articles that outline integration steps on the corresponding QuickBooks App pages for POS systems like PayPal. There are also apps like Webgility that can help you handle multiple e-commerce and POS channels. 


@DustinT wrote a nice article about unifying your e-commerce financials in QuickBooks that is worth checking out. 


Re: E-commerce and integrations

Thank you, James!  I will look into this.