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Intuit Databases for State Tax (and Related Payroll) Questions

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This is the time of year when we see tons of state-specific tax questions in the community. No wonder: these rules and regulations are complicated, and finding clear answers can be a challenge (especially if you earn income in multiple states). 


To simplify your search – and, most importantly, to make sure you’re tax-compliant -- we’ve compiled a list of useful QuickBooks and TurboTax databases to help you get answers to common questions and navigate the maze of state tax (and related payroll) requirements.


(Note: You’ll find many of these articles include both personal and business-specific tax information)


State and local tax forms



State payroll resources



Key changes following the latest tax reform bill



Quick tax tips



How do you prepare for tax season?  


Do you have any personal rituals or practices that help you get in the mindset to prepare your taxes?