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Property management

I own a Real Estate Company and have owners who now want me to manage thier rental properties. I need a separate bookeeping for this. I may have an average of 5 to 10 properties at most.

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Re: Property management

And your queston would be?

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Re: Property management

Hi @debirothrealty - welcome to QB Community! Are you looking for a new accounting program that best fits your needs for these particular properties or are you hoping to set up a separate system within your existing accounting structure? What program do you use for the rest of your business?


Re: Property management

I have a similar situation but I'm already managing units. 

In some instructions on QB it was suggested that I can create two different companies and manage rental units and then owners as customers. 

I'm using QBO and cannot seem to create the second company. 

Does anyone know how to do so?

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Re: Property management

In QBO, you cannot run two seperate companies on the same subscription, you have to purchase a second subscription.