Who's a better detective?

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Sherlock Holmes or your accountant? Your accountant, she makes more deductions! Smiley Very Happy Do you have a good accounting joke? Share it!

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I love these, I was actually considering aggregating accounting jokes and posting them regularly through my accounting social media, just for some light hearted regular content. 


@Adam_Fenner I love it!! Please share with us your favorite when you can. I can't wait to hear it! Smiley Very Happy

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@AudreyPratt - Here are a few that had me cracking up:


Why do accountants love holidays?

Less traffic on their way to work.


How did the auditor propose to his girlfriend?

With an engagement letter.


The shirt said it was 100% cotton, but it was really polyester. What was the result?

A Material Misstatement


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Oh my gosh, @Adam_Fenner -- thanks for these. They each made me chuckle :-) A nice way to start my morning, to be sure. With your permission, I'd love to share these with the whole QB Community here and there. When I do, I'd be sure to credit you in the post. Let me know if that's something you'd support. 


Smiley LOL @Adam_Fenner Oh my gosh reading these started my day out right! Thank you so much for sharing. 

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These are pretty funny, Adam. Thanks for posting them.


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The original from Reader's Digest ca 1962 is

There are three kinds of actuaries.

Those that can count, 

And those that can't.


(Feel free to substitute accountant, mathematician, etc for actuary)


@john-pero HAH! love that one. Smiley LOL 

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It's a 50/50 split on this. Some accountants don't check for anything. They just take the numbers & complete a tax return. Then you have to call many time to get the year-end adjusting entries. Some don't send it back no matter how many times you ask.

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One of my favorites...

What does an accountant say when boarding a train?

‘Mind the GAAP’



@DerekRothGordon Cat LOL so good!

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What are the two most certain things in life?

Death & Taxes Smiley Happy