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Site for my business

I have small consulting agency, and I understand that I need good website for my clients. I found the freelancer and he tell me that it will cost around $1500. Than I found another variant, it is to use professional theme for creation, for example from templatemonster - https://www.templatemonster.com/ there are many good templates and themes. I like something like this - https://www.templatemonster.com/wordpress-themes/63375.html it is theme for WP. How do you think it is good chose? And another question, can I make all this work by myself? Or I need to find some help?

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Re: Site for my business

If I can give you advice, I did the same thing.  Found Thrive website templates. Found one I loved that had all the working parts of the website.  Tried to do it myself and spent HOURS and HOURS of wasted time.  Then I googled to see who works in Thrive templates, found this nice website developer and he did my site and showed me how to keep it current.  Anytime anything goes wrong with it, I call him.  I only paid less than half of what your freelancer told you.  Private message me and I'll share the contact I had.  He was wonderful to work with.  


Re: Site for my business

Frankly, I'd pay a professional to do my web site. There is much more to it than just templates. Besides, when doing it yourself, you may never be happy with it.

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Re: Site for my business

I think idea is good, but the best way is to hire a developer..I found on TM website catalog of web studios - https://www.templatemonster.com/web-developers/all/ you can find certified partner in your city. Try to contact them to know the price.


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Be sure to check out these website builders for businesses. All of them are flexible, powerful and have the ability to grow with you as your business expands. These web builders are pretty scalable and reliable which are also the factors you should consider while growing your business.

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Re: Site for my business

If you're well-versed in working with WordPress templates, go for it and DIY!


But, I've had the best experiences working with professional website developers. Just like people hire you as a consultant, you can hire website developers to consult on your site. 


When I've tried to do websites myself, even with templates, I've wound up frustrated. Not only have I wasted time, but I wasn't able to get the website that I wanted.


Keep in mind that a website is often the first impression someone gets of your business. It's essential that it looks good, has readable marketing copy, and is easy to use. A professional can help make sure this happen!


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It all depends on what your goals are. If you just want a website for the sake of having a website, go for it. There is no money in a website if you just want a website though.


You'll have to expect that you're going to have to send the traffic to your website and then they'll hopefully convert but it's probably not going to bring you any business if you do it yourself or even have a freelancer do it. Freelancers are essentially web designers who want to deliver you a website that looks pretty but their interest isn't in helping your business grow. Essentially it's just a commodity which is why they're so cheap.


This article might be helpful in learning what to expect if you do it yourself (or hire a freelancer).


$1500 for a freelancer to just build a website is very expensive but I'd also say that about a freelancer that charges you $10. A website for the sake of a website is a waste of time unless your goal is to just have a website in which case spend as little money as possible on it.

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Re: Site for my business

Themes from Templatemonster are good, you are on the right way. If you have skills, you can do this by yoursel. If no, you can contact the templatemonster's service center and they will help you! Good luck!

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Re: Site for my business

Look at the website as an investment not an expense.  I wasted so much time attempting to understand coding, set up, templates.  All that amounted to wasted time.  Also, check other user friendly website options such as Wix or Squarespace.  They tend to require less coding and updating as WordPress does.  With these options you can design your own site.  I've tried personally, but heard great things.


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Re: Site for my business

Great Question

I own a digital agency that build websites, using the Divi template (mostly)  it is easy to use

and most freelancers should know how to use it.


2nd option is get a them you like, but then you need to find all the images you want and need, and then comes writing the copy.  (yuk)


if it were me I would let a freelancer do the build out, you focus on the images and the content, have the freelancer set it up for SEO success for what ever niche you are in,  hav them set up analytics and google webmaster and Google Tag manager so you can run ads easily.


in the end if you go to freelancer or upwork you can find quality honest peopel in Bangledesh.  (india is a bit more trouble, but doable)


if you have any questions,  please feel free to contact me , free of charge, I am not accepting any new clients at the moment, but have years of knowledge I can share.


I would think you can do a nice 4 page site for $500-$750 all day long

home page

about us




I hope that help

best jimmy B