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It's Troubleshooting Tuesday (and my tummy) :(

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It's Troubleshooting Tuesday (and my tummy) :(

Ugh. True confessions. I'm typing from my couch with an unhappy tummy. It happens at some point to all business owners - you go down for the count. So today, tell me, who steers your ship when you have to go below deck? I had to re-schedule 3 face to face meetings, and fortunately, I have an awesome assistant who is managing our systems today. Notice that I said that she is managing our systems. Having systems in place is key whether you are above deck or below! OK out of sympathy, REPLY and tell me how your business works (or doesn't) when you aren't there... then send bubbly water and crackers please... Smiley Sad


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Re: It's Troubleshooting Tuesday (and my tummy) :(

Oh no, sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Get well soon! Canada Dry ginger and saltine crackers on the way Smiley Happy !


As for myself, this is why I love QBO so much! The remote, automated and in a crunch ZOOM me! 


However, when and if I am really down and out. I use an out of office message and nurse my self back to health, quickly.  The ship goes down with the captain.

Momentum to $1 Million Host

Re: It's Troubleshooting Tuesday (and my tummy) :(

Thank you @QcFinancial, and your virtual ginger ale and saltine have been received! Smiley Wink

And I agree that for accountants, QBO equals FREEDOM! More time for family, skydiving (love your profile pic!) PLUS the ability to scale. Awesome! Thanks again for the get well wishes and I promise to be back at the wheel tomorrow in time for OFFICE HOURS, so start writing down your questions!!! J.