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Changing the Pay Period in Payroll



I need some help to update the "pay period" showing in the Payroll section for a particular emplyoee Payroll.

It is currently set to: 2 Aug - 1 Sep 2017


I would like to change it to: 1 Aug to 31 Aug (or automatically to the last day of the month).


I have attached a screenshot here.


payroll setup.JPG

I look forward to reading your replies.







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Re: Changing the Pay Period in Payroll

Hi Waqas, 


The only way to change the pay period yourself would be to delete the checks and recreate them, which can be complex if you use Direct Deposit. That being said, I think it is worth contacting customer care directly to see if this can be fixed using a payroll correction.  to reach support via chat or phone, click on the question mark int he upper right-hand corner of QuickBooks and choose one of the two options.