Invoices customisation

i want to be able to add an "add hoc" item and cost. how can i do this without adding a new item every time. as the price for the same service can vary because of distance travelled and the time of day.  also the same item discription can have different costs... ie a pump for one job can be cheaper than a pump for another but they are both pumps.


i would like to be able to type in the description box and then type in the cost in the 'rate' box without setting up for every individual scenario


is there a way  ???

any help would be grately appreciated

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Re: Invoices customisation

"Hi Robinflyer,


A before I came to Intuit, I ran a pool company. I rarely kept inventory on hand and had a similar need. What I did was create a Non-Inventory item called "Parts" and I made sure to set it up with both an expense and income account, but no cost in the item itself. 


To add an expense account when setting up the item:

  • In QuickBooks Online, choose "I sell this product/service to my customers."
  • In QuickBooks Desktop, choose "This item is used in assemblies or is purchased for a specific customer: job"


When I purchased parts at the wholesaler, I wrote a check with the same generic item listed on the check. This step records the cost of the item using the expense account. Then, when selling the item, I again chose the generic part and filled out the description quantity and rate at which I was selling it to record the income.