Using POs to track SKU sales

Hi there, I'm looking for a way to track my sales.  As a B2B sales rep, I don't create invoices for my own sales, as my vendors invoice my retail customers directly.  So I was thinking of tracking the POs I send my vendors, so I can more easily keep an eye on my sales.


Does anyone here use QB in this way, and if so, is it a good solution? Thanks, Enda.

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Re: Using POs to track SKU sales

You are a sales rep, so I assume you get paid a commission based on your sales.

If you are an employee, then your commission should be added to your income on the payslip.

If you are an independent, then the company paying you is a customer in QB.  With customer in mind then using an estimate makes more sense.  You can create an invoice from the estimate, entering your comission amount per order or item - receive the payment against the invoice.  

Or skip that, and when you get paid, use a sales receipt to book the payment and edit the estimate and close it, enter date paid in the memo block of the estimate.