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Watch the Top Sessions & Keynote Speakers from QuickBooks Connect San Jose 2017!

Want to keep the learning going? Follow the links below to watch full videos of the top sessions from QuickBooks Connect San Jose 2017.

Get inspired by the words of Brad Smith, Sasan Goodarzi, Rich Peerce, Tyra Banks, Julie Rice, Lisa Ling, Lisa Fetterman, Randy Goldman, Chris Pan, Jen Rubio, Shonda Rhimes, Nate Berkus, Dave Gilboa, Lisa Ling, 
Ansley Damery, Alex Barnett, Joe Woodard, Randi Sorenson, Jon Fasoli, Sharon Schweitzer, Alaia Williams, Felicia Wilson, BJ Lackland, Nathan Beckord, John Lunn, Laurie McCabe and Ron Baker.



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