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Partnership agreements

I’m a partner in a business that could be looked at as a “franchise” 

It is not franchised but we have 50 locations around the US 


How does one handle issues whereas the corporate leaders are not actively guiding/helping/facilitating growth and may actually be hindering each locations growth?

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Re: Partnership agreements

A corporation does not have partners, so what is your relationship to the company?  shareholder? or partner?

Corporate leaders, CEO?  CFO? Board of directors? and are you one of them?

Only you can determine if the long term outlook is positive if the current leadership methods do not change - if that is a no, you might start planning an exit strategy.  Since from the sounds of it, your having a direct impact to make change is unlikely.

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Re: Partnership agreements

Hi @Elks - welcome to QB Community! Can you give some examples of how corporate leadership may be getting in the way?