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Some issues with QBcommunity that bug me

1) difficult to read font on mobile. It looks like it’s Grey we out and as thin as you can make it, which makes it very tough to read.

2) The login screen within a login screen. Hard to figure out on a desktop and almost impossible (again) to see on the mobile login screen: when I click on “Log In” (and not “sign up”) every other website on the planet takes you to the screen where you enter you username and password. On QBcommunity if you enter those credentials you’ll create a new account - or get an error that your username is already taken. You have to click on the Log In button (on the desktop) or login link (in mobile) to get to the actual login screen. Very Inception - a login within a login.

3) Badges. Some work. Some don’t. Some did, some never have. Especially the first three should work - and they don’t. Kind of sad, because I bet we all have added our website to our QB profile pages.

So dear QBmasters can we have these 3 issues fixed pretty please? For the new year. Would be nice.
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Re: Some issues with QBcommunity that bug me

Since we're still in the development stages with the QB Community it's great to get feedback about what's working and what's not. Expect lots of positive changes and improvements rolling out throughout 2018! 


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Re: Some issues with QBcommunity that bug me

@ShanaNiederman when are they going to fix the badges? They do not work. Smiley Happy